"When you're ill with cancer, stress, menopause, alopecia other hair/scalp disorders, or suffered hair loss due to chemicals, medication or old age… you're in a difference space, your normal world slips away from you. Many foundations give patients free wigs, however through varies surveys patients revealthe wigs are very unnatural and unattractive. Other hair extension systems that are available today, cause MORE stress tothe clients hair and scalp,thereforethey are not ideal.With over 1.5 million new cancer patients inthe US each year alone,then add in alopecia and other hair loss issues, we reach staggering numbers of people who could utilize this wonderful invention.The Virtual Cheveux Hair Extension Systemwill revolutionizethe hair industry, bringing comfort and confidence to cancer patients and others. – great for children, men and women, – virtually undetectable, totally versatile – no heat, glue, sewing, braiding, links, combs, clips or fusion required – affordable – not a wig, integrated with your own hair, so your scalp can breath and your natural hair can grow

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